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Taking Your Business to the Next Level

Do you have games you like to play on your phone, tablet or computer (like Candy Crush or Angry Birds)? Most of these games have various stages or levels, and each one has a different goal. One might be to collect or take out a certain type of item, or perhaps you have to get a certain combination of moves. If you don’t meet the goal, you have to try again - or sometimes lose a turn or change direction.

Growing your business can often feel like playing one of those games (with more serious consequences when you don’t meet your goals!).

What’s the Goal?

Before you move forward, it helps to know what your goals are for the next step. Sometimes you get lucky and make it through a “level,” but are stymied by or unprepared for the next steps. It can be easy to forget what needs to be done to move forward successfully, and you can waste time focusing on something that doesn’t matter at this stage. There are a lot of distractions that can take you far from your goal.

Sometimes You Lose

Even when you’re really good, sometimes you still don’t win the round. But the game, and your business, usually goes on. There may be a pause or re-set, but eventually, you get to try again. This may mean a different approach or a different direction. You can also choose to quit for a while. Sometimes it’s a stepping stone to other adventures.

Everyone Has Their Strengths & Weaknesses

When playing a game, you often try to collect tools to set aside for future challenges. In business, you do the same. Hire the right people, invest in software that’s best for you, set aside cash, and fortify your business with the tools you need to meet future challenges.

You May Not Know What’s Coming

When you play a new round in a game, you can be surprised by a unique challenge or a new way in which something you thought you knew challenges you. The same can happen with your business. You may have run businesses before…or been in this one for a long time, but there can still be surprises. These surprises can be both good and bad. It’s what you do with these surprises that determine your success.

Some Levels Are Harder Than Others

As your business grows, you’ll find that certain stages are just harder than others. You may find that the parts that are hard for you are easy for others and vice versa. Planning ahead and understanding where you’re going and how to get there can help you persevere and succeed.

Know What You Have

In most games, there are icons, lists, or pictures of the tools that you have, the status you have, and the number of steps to the next goal. Do you know where your business is at and what you have? One of the key items you need for your business success is good financial information. Are your records in order? Do you know what they mean? Do you have the cash set aside for future needs?

As year-end approaches and you look to the new year, make sure you know where you’re trying to go! We’d love to help advance your business to the next level - reach out to us today!


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