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About Larson SMB Consulting

Larson SMB Consulting, PLLC works with small business clients who are facing the challenges of growing a successful business. Some of our provided services are as follows:

  • Review current accounting processes for better flow, internal control, and improved outcomes

  • Assist entrepreneurs with cash management using the proven methods

  • Provide assistance with accounting needs when changes are needed or when a key employee has left

  • Facilitate the selection and implementation of a new accounting system

  • Provide analytical information of the business to assist owners and executives in understanding and decision making

  • Review other business items such as insurance, HR, IT, benefits, etc. to make sure the client is aware of their needs and options and refer to partners as needed


About Cherie Larson

July 2020_edited.jpg

Cherie Larson, President of Larson SMB Consulting, PLLC has had over 15 years of experience working with small business owners to optimize their accounting while meeting the challenges of growing a business. She also works with other partners to ensure the clients have the resources they need in place to successfully transition to the next level. She has worked with companies in size from $25K-$15M to help them meet the challenges that come with growth.


Cherie graduated from Northern Illinois University and is a CPA in both Tennessee and Illinois. She is originally from Chicago (Go Cubs!) but has made Knoxville her home for over 30 years. She and her husband Paul have raised their family here and now are raising a beagle named Holly.

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