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Use a Summer Respite to Revitalize Both You and Your Business

Remember when you were a kid, how fun and relaxing the summers were? Usually by fall, you were ready to get back into a routine and see your school friends again. Summer break often involved long hours of play, adventures, swimming, camp, friends, and much more. The joy and carefree nature of summers from our childhood may seem distant now, but as adults and business owners, we can still find renewal in this season. While summer may not be as relaxing as it used to be, we can intentionally make it a time to recharge while advancing our businesses.

Taking a break, even if just for a weekend, is essential, and even if your business requires some availability, a couple of days with limited emails and calls won't break it. You can intentionally make it a time of renewal while still moving your business forward. Embrace the mental rejuvenation, and use this time to gain clarity without constant distractions! It might also reveal what can be delegated to others or if your team is ready for more responsibilities.

Take Time Off

Taking time off as a business owner is undeniably challenging, yet incredibly important. Although it may not always be feasible to take extended breaks during the early stages of your business, it becomes increasingly essential to step away from work, even if just for a weekend. Unless your business is in crisis management, a few days with emails and calls unanswered won't harm your business. Consider setting an out-of-office message and enabling the "do not disturb" feature, except for those you genuinely need to hear from (maybe your family!?). Test it out for just 24 hours, and see if the world falls apart!

Taking time off serves multiple purposes. It offers you a much-needed mental break that can revitalize your energy. Moreover, it provides an opportunity to think clearly without constant distractions. During this break, you might also gain valuable insights into what can wait in your business or how others can handle some of the daily tasks. Delegating responsibilities to employees, even for a few days, can foster their growth and development. Alternatively, it might help you recognize the need to refine your team by ensuring you have the right people in the right places.

Take Time to Work ON Your Business

The busyness of daily work often engulfs us, leaving little time for strategic planning. This is especially true when your business is experiencing rapid growth. However, it's time to break free from this cycle and focus on a vital principle: "It's Time to Work on Your Business, Not in It." Taking the time to assess various aspects of your business, such as financials, pricing, employee dynamics, profit margins, and future growth plans, is crucial. Without proper planning, you might find yourself in a very different place than you had envisioned or desired. Strategic planning is the compass that keeps your business on track toward success.

Do Something Different

Embracing a change of pace can be surprisingly refreshing. It doesn't have to be a grand transformation; even small adjustments can make a significant difference. Something as simple as having lunch at a new spot, rearranging your desk, reconnecting with someone you haven't spoken to in a while, working from a coffee shop occasionally, or taking a Friday afternoon off can invigorate your mind. These subtle changes stimulate fresh thinking and grant us the feeling of a well-deserved break, even when it's just a brief moment.

“Play” With Your Friends & Family

Unlimited, carefree time with friends during summer was one of the best parts of childhood. Riding bikes, playing games, swimming, and chatting away made for unforgettable moments. Why not bring back that joy by doing something enjoyable with a friend or even your employees? It doesn't have to be formal or time-consuming—just spend time together. These simple gatherings often lead to fantastic conversations that can shift your perspectives, rejuvenate your mind, or even ignite fresh ideas.

Don't forget about your family or spouse either. This summer, carve out quality time with them. It may remind you of the very reasons you do what you do and give you insights into their perspectives. These cherished moments can spark enthusiasm for the busy days that lie ahead and strengthen your relationships in the process.

Get Some Exercise

Winter takes a toll on our bodies – from September's football season to the end of hibernation in March or April, there are ample opportunities to indulge and remain sedentary. Tailgating, holiday feasting, New Year's celebrations, Super Bowl parties, and Valentine's Day all contribute to this winter slump. The cold and dreary weather seems never-ending, leading to increased eating and reduced physical activity. Now that summer has arrived, it's time to break free from this pattern and awaken those brain cells! Embrace the longer days and seize the countless opportunities to be outdoors. Consider reviving that neglected gym membership, or enjoy a refreshing swim at the neighborhood pool after supper.

Taking time to savor summer, even as adults, yields countless benefits for both you and your business as you transition into the hustle and bustle of fall. So, take a break, rejuvenate your mind, and engage in activities that refresh your body. Embrace the summer spirit, and let it invigorate your personal and professional life as you forge ahead into the lively days that await in the coming season!


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