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Lessons Learned While Moving & How They Apply to Business Growth

My family and I recently moved. After more than 30 years in the same home, we packed up and moved. It was our choice and a long time planning, but it was a huge undertaking and change.

It’s made me realize how similar it is to growing and changing a business. Here are some lessons we learned while moving that can apply to growing your business.

Planning is Key

You can’t know everything that’s ahead, but the more you plan, the less disruptive (and, likely, smoother) the change will be.

Money Matters

Having savings to draw on allows for more choices and often better options. This can bring higher satisfaction and better results. Cash is always king.

Make Connections

Finding the right people to help you through the process can make the difference in a successful, less stressful transition. They can advise or connect you with others who can save you money, do work for you, and steer you clear of potential pitfalls. This allows you to focus on what you’re best at and what really matters to you. It can also save you money in the long run. Having savings to hire the right people can also make a huge difference.

Ask For & Accept Help

This goes right along with making connections. Allowing others to work where they excel allows you to do the same! With the right team, you will exceed far beyond what you think is possible. There are times where you may not make it without help.

New is Different

Different routines, different people, different habits, new partners and more can all change with growth. Some of these changes are easy to accept, and some will be hard. You may need to change employee roles or even employees. You will add new employees, change processes, find new software, and perhaps even shift your vendors and customers. It will take time to adjust...and you may miss certain things from the past.

Change Can Be Overwhelming

There will be a point (or a few points) at which you want to quit. It’s hard to change and grow, and your time and energy may be in short supply. At some point, you have to move forward - staying put is not an option. Planning and having the right support team will get you through.

We’re now in our new home - not totally settled yet - and we are amazed every day at where we are and what has come from this long-anticipated move. We are excited about the future possibilities.

If you’d like to move forward in your business and need some help with the financial side of that growth, give us a call. We can be your moving guide!


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